About Us



is your strategic partner in worldwide top health & beauty care products, we offer a one stop service from the initial stage of product concept to the development of new formulations, production to finished pack until the shipments, as well as help you save costs & resources, and assist in the sales and marketing strategy, so you can reduce all the unnecessary worries. 


Founded in 2004, from a humble manufacturing industry has strived through hard effort and team work spirit, today, the company has a large number of customers, as well as exports to Europe, America, Australia, Asia and other countries and regions. Major of domestic and foreign health care products companies, multi-level marketing (MLM) & direct marketing companies, wholesaler & distributors, pharmacies, health industries, cosmetics industries, beverage industries and others, we have established a solid foundation with our customers to develop and create health products with their own brands and formulation for local and foreign markets. In addition, we also provide production facilities and raw materials such as powders, liquids, essence, tea, capsules, soft gel, tea bags, boxes, packaging, shrink bags, small booklet, leaflets, label, etc.


was established in 2009, specializing in assisting our customers in sales and marketing strategy and in areas of purchase orders, creating, tracking, classification management, verification, archiving, arrange shipment, apply for permits, etc. Malaysia as a Muslim country and with economic prosperity, the demand for the material life of the people are steadily growing, the demand for HALAL food for Muslims is highly important and more and more consumers are conscious to food safety and hygiene which also apply to some non-Muslim consumers expectations. Our company manufacture observe and adhere to management production decisions of raw materials to finished products must contain Halal certification. In addition, we assist and provide documentation applications service inclusive of product registration and Halal application for our customers. 

Due to the rapid expansion of our companies business, in 2015 we expanded our new manufacturing industries PT.BIOLIFE in Jakarta Indonesia, specifically responsible for all Indonesia area orders. Furthermore, we proudly were expanding our future plan in Thailand and China to provide our valuable customers with the best quality and services.